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Welcome To the Special “Love” Edition of Pepi’s Personals

Having fired his arrow of love, Cupid waits patiently, alongside Tinkerbell.

“Love is in the air

 Every tweet I see around

Love is in the air

In every toy and in my hair

And I don’t know if I’m just tweeting

Don’t know my middle name

But it’s something I’d better not pee on

And it’s there when you bark out my name …

Chorus:  Love is in the air

Love is in the air

Bark bark bark bark

Bark bark bark bark”

@PetieTheCat & @Pandafur

Pals, it’s time to start collecting confetti and learn to enjoy eating prawn cocktails ! 

Sometimes Pals look at each other’s avatars and just know that Pal is for them ! The tweets seem sweeter, the laughs are louder and your fury little heart is all aflutter. After a “tweetship”, these Pals are all set to join paws…but someone has to do the first meow…or bark.

Today we have a very special personal ad !


To: @PetieTheCat: Dearest Petie, *fluttering eyelashes* Petie, will you marry me ?  Your “Silver Gurl”.  ”Meow” Contact: @Pandfur


Place a FREE Personal Ad in this column. You won’t regret it. Include a piccie so we can all admire how handsome you are ! You know your irresistible, so tell us about it. Come on, give it a try ! BOL !

*Please note: You must be at least 18 days old to participate.  This is not a dating service.


N – Neutered
UN -N – Un-NeuteredE – Entire (for horse)
Shv – Shaved
N-Shv – Not Shaved
Ov – Overweight
Sk – Skinny
Fl – Floofy

F- Frisbee
B – Ball
S – Swimming
F- Food
A/D – Alcoholic Drinks
D – Non alcoholic Drink
W – Water
SW – SeaWeed
Sp – Spikes
DJ – Music DJ
SP – SunPuddles
Moo – Mooches food from humans
RwS – Runs with Sticks
SB – SnuggleBunny

D – DogC – CatD – Duck
F – Fish
Ho – Horse
HH – Hedgehog
Ha – Hamster
GP – GuineaPig
P – Pigeon
Dr – Dragon
G – Giraffe
B- Baboon
T – TeddyBear
G – Goat
Hu – Human
R – Rabbit
M – Marine


S – Single
M – Married
E – Engaged
D- Divorced
O – Oblivious
Carn – Carnivore
Veg – Vegetarian
L – Looney


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