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Welcome to The Anipal Shops!

Many of our anipals are talented artists, craftsmen, writers and designers who have online shops to sell their wares. We have complied the list below to help shoppers find these unique items.

Please feel free to browse around, you just might find that perfect gift you were looking for or that special item you didn’t know you needed. Happy shopping!

If you would like to be added or deleted from this list please contact Dana on Twitter @danapixie


@debsspencer1 Book Monty and his Amazing Adventures at Christmas Amazon UK/Monty
@PatchyMeow and her mum wrote a book. The Little Book of Cats
@RaphaelGingrBoy Mum’s book ‘Reporting is Murder!’© (Book 7) Natural Causes
@ZeeandZoey Deb Barnes writes about her extraordinary cats, Zee and Zoey.


@oohleela – pet clothes and accessories.
@PetMonarchy Pet Couturier for dogs and cats.
@snuffynorton Designer clothing for stuffies

Items Featuring Our Friends

@BorisKitty Misc. products featuring Boris and the Who Rescued Who slogan.  and 
designall @GeorgeTheDuck Misc. items with GeorgeTheDuck on them.
@MattieDog and @ShibberingC various items with Mattie and the Shibbering Cheetos
@MidgeTheMutt Various items featuring Midge and pals
@RadishWhippet items with the RadishWhippet design on them.
@ZackRabbit Misc. items with ZackRabbit on them.

Jewelry, Crafts, Art

@BossGirlBobby mom Ruby Digital and mixed media art
@BZTAT Pet portraits by BZTAT mcdonalsplugs
@CheshireK  books, cards, paintings, and other original works
@CuddleLop handmade jewelry and items ,many featuring bunnies.
@DylCat1 Hand knit scarves by Dylan’s mom.
@gromekcat original jewelry, custom photo pendant
@MarleysCharms Handcrafted charms with a purpose for your pets.
@NoCrybabyDogs (In memory of Ingrid, shop run by @tigerboythecat and danapixie) magnets, cards and more. Can do custom orders.
@OneWhiteDog Custom made scarves and fingerless mittens
@PuppyaGuineaPig wire wrap crystal pendants, angel aura quartz jewerly
@RunRosieRun ( @HanseeBundee mom) Chloe and Isabel Jewelry
@sanjeethecat & @GeorgeTheDuck  crystals, tumbled stones, handmade crystals and gem stones jewelry and more
@SunnyArts Pet art, clothings and various items.
@VincentRocket Handmade candles, soap, and tart burners
@whskr dolls and jewelry. Can do custom orders.
@zaziart Pet protraits

 Pet Toys, Treats and more

catcube@BabyPatches Toys, treats, and more for cats and dogs
@BorisKitty Toys, treats, and more for cats and dogs. and
@coloradocatnip hand made catnip toys, blankets, beds, and more
@frugaldougal  Pet supplies for dogs and cats.
@KiddoThePug Cool Cooling Collars
@KillerParrot Crocheted cat toys, dog toys, and wearable items
*These listings are provided as a service to our readers. The Anipal Times neither guarantees or specifically endorses the products listed above. Consumers should do their own research before purchasing. All returns/exchange policies etc. are expressly those of the individual sites listed above.
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