The Suitcase

by Vanessa on 13 April 2012

in the My Furry Recollections section of The Anipal Times

My Sweet Lilly

Whenever Daddy’s suitcase appears for a business trip, my normally sweet @Lilly_The_Torti gives me the stern, suspicious look of a female prison-warden welcoming a new inmate. She then inspects the suitcase from top to bottom, trying to find the tiniest scent of my clothing. Only after she has exhausted every dirty look she can muster, it’s only without my cracking will she then be satisfied I am indeed staying home, this time.

Vacations for my family take quite a bit of planning. More than the typical booking of hotel and airline reservations, that’s easy. For my family, furry and human, planning must start months in advance. After having made the human reservations 11 months prior to our trip, I’ll call the doggy hotel at six or seven months out. Our doggy hotel fills quickly, she is the best. We speak to our cat sitters all the time, they live next door to us so they always know our schedule.

Fast forward to the weekend before we leave; this is when we buy all the cat food, litter, dog food and dog treats to keep our babies happy (hopefully) for ten days. We usually buy the kitties a new toy, umm, bribe actually, usually something big-ish. On the morning we leave and everything is packed in the car, we gather the kitties in the living room, hugs and kisses all around, then drop the new toy and RUN!

When it comes time to pack and Lilly sees my suitcase, I just quickly fess-up. First I get the nasty, “How DARE you even THINK about leaving me!” look, immediately followed by the despondent, “Pay no attention to me, I don’t matter anymore” look. To nicely top the pile of guilt she is serving, Lilly will then sleep on the floor instead of snuggling on Mommy. (That, by the way, drives me crazy!)

One of our furry kids is actually happy when we take a trip; Lucy, our Border Collie/Aussie Shepherd-mix loves going to the doggy hotel! (Shh, we don’t use the ‘ke__el’ word around here.) Lucy just loves that place; a big, six-foot-tall security fenced-yard to run around and play, lots of new furiends to meet, TV (!!), toys, treats AND they adore Lucy and spoil her rotten. We were once told by the owner’s parents that if we were ever in a situation where we needed to find a different home for Lucy, they would love to adopt her. I wasn’t offended or insulted, I thought it was very sweet, I could see how quickly they had fallen in love with her (it’s quite easy). Lucy’s even gotten to the point, when we drop her off and let her run out into the yard, she will stop and ever so briefly look back at her family as if to say, “ok, you can go already”. If we’re going to get hugs and kisses from her, get them in the car!

Although I don’t mind handing over the leash, food scoop and pooper-scooper to someone else for a while, I do miss my babies, especially Lilly. Considering Lilly and I are together almost every second of the day, being apart for ten days is like a lifetime. When we’re apart, I miss not having her sleep curled on my tummy or stretched down my legs, I miss hearing her purr each morning when she realizes I’m awake and yes, I even miss the dirty looks she gives when I’ve done something she doesn’t like. Traveling is fun, I always look forward to the next adventure but I must admit, the trip home to my babies is always the most exciting.

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Dianda 23 April 2012 at 4:59 am

I REALLY enjoyed reading this! Especially the first part me giggle.
I always miss my kitties when they are gone, or when I am gone. I remember when Hiro was gone for a few days for an operation, it all seemed so quiet at home, even Suki looked a bit sad and lonely that her furiend was gone. – Even though they have a love/hate affair. It feels like something is missing.

But beside that, great post! I enjoyed it. :)

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