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by MattieDog on 24 April 2012

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#Pawties and Events are where anipals and humans get together for a Twitterin’ good time. In their tweets they use an introductory hashtag (#) so everyone who wants to join in the fun can easily find them by searching Twitter for #(fill in the blank) pawty or #(event name). #Pawties and Events is where you will find out about the #Pawties taking place on Twitter and where I will point you to the official The Anipal Times #Pawty & Events Calendar. Remember to check out the calendar so that you can find the dates and times to mix and mingle with anipals. Now, let’s read about some of the #pawties and events that happened by the deadline for this article (oh, and if you don’t know how to #pawty, don’t worry I got you covered—just read this).

Earth Day Stroll

Well anipals, first we at @AnipalTimes want to wish you all a happy Earth Day. Earth Day is a day were some seriously cool events are held in order to increase awareness and appreciation of the earth. I hope you got out and took part in an event, whether it was to help plant trees, clean a street median or perhaps just stroll around and take in the beauty that is the earth—be kind to her and reduce, reuse and recycle. Oh, and hey, when you are done reading @AnipalTimes please place it in the proper recycle bin—oh wait, it’s an electronic paper. Well, recycle by forwarding it to a friend—that will be good for them and good for us. So, happy Earth Day and #pawty on anipals!

The Finalists

#TillmanTV On Saturday, 21 April 2012, nearly every anipal on Twitter turned out to support our buddy, Tillman (@TillmanSkates), in his season finale #TillmanTV #pawty. #TillmanTV #pawties were some of the most fun and interactive events an animal, in this case Tillman, held using social media. Anipals had a great time, hanging out with @TillmanSkates and his buddies and watched the last, for this season anyway, episode of Who Let the Dogs Out on television, while tweeting with viewers all over the globe. The last show was the highlight of the season, as we watched @TillmanSkates and his pals travel across the USA looking for “the most talented dog in America,” to join them on their adventures. Anipals watched and joined @TillmanSkates in tweeting, while the dogs who had been in previous Who Let the Dogs Out shows gathered together at Universal Studios in Hollywood, CA for the final show and to find out which one of them Jimmy Van Patten would bestow the title of Most Talented Dog in America—giving them the coveted winner’s trophy cup, a great gift card ($500) for @Petco, a wonderful Pooch Hotel stay, @NaturalBalance pet food for a year—oh, and some seriously cool Tillman’s Treats. Anipals quivered with anticipation watching all of the great dogs do tricks and strut their stuff. But in the end, there could only be one winner—and what a winner! Daisy, the fabulously talented retriever—she climbed ladders and balanced on the top, knelt and said her little doggy prayers on command, and she even moon-walked (now, that is some talent—a disco down dog!). Here’s a little recap of the show:

Anipals had a great time over these last few weeks joining @TillmanSkates on Twitter tweeting under the #TillmanTV hashtag while watching Who Let the Dogs Out—and wanted me to thank Tillman for such a fun, pawesome event. A big thanks to @AnimalPlanet, @NaturalBalance and @Petco for their forwarding thinking—supporting animals, showcasing talented dogs, and highlighting the super talented and skilled @TillmanSkates and his friends! Both humans and anipals alike enjoyed the show. To help make sure that we get more episodes of Who Let the Dogs Outlet’s be honest, we need more shows that showcase animals, as they help bring awareness to the many benefits animals bring in to the lives of humans—stand up, be counted, put your paws in the air like you care and tweet @AnimalPlanet and say, “We want more Tillman and #WhoLetTheDogsOut!”

Coming #Pawties and Events Remember to see the #Pawty and Events calendar to get more info on some other wonderful events. Get ready for #PetChat, #KeepFits, #NipClub, #CookinWifRabbits and #Purrs4Peace, held on the first Sunday of every month by coordinator @ConfuciusCat and weekly by other anipals (e.g. @ChloeToby) who #Purrs4Peace. Tune in to these entertaining and highly informative weekly shows where you can say “Hi!” to old friends and hopefully make new friends, too.


#ArabianPawty On Saturday, 28 April 2012 you are invited to join hosts @SpookyShorty @PuppyNumber7 @Whskr for #ArabianPawty.  As most of you know, our friend Spooky had lymphoma and he is now thankfully in remission. However he still has regular check-ups and associated required medicine—also getting him to this stage has left a large vet bill. Like many anipals out there, times are a bit tight for @SpookyShorty’s family—and they are struggling. So Spooky’s friends are hosting an “Arabian Nights”-themed #pawty. Come to #ArabianPawty and enjoy some entertainment, great food, camel rides and a tarot reader—help bolster Spooky and his mama, and have some fun #pawtying down. Make sure you RSVP here.


#LJWedding Sunday, 29 April 2012. All anipals and animal lovers are invited to join @MillyMopMoo, Lola, and @JackChiDoggy for this special occasion as they are united in wedded bliss. The lovely setting of The Hillbark Hotel is the venue for this very special day. Fancy dress or your own fur is always accepted. The esteemed #Nipclub Catering Service will be providing wonderful noms, DJs and barktenders—and make sure you come to this not to miss event. If you have any questions, or just want to send your congratulations, please contact the bride or groom—also, @DanaPixie has some good info for #LJWedding. See you there, anipals!

More #pawties coming in May: #ChiliPawty 5 May 2012, #NipClub 2nd Year Anniversary 12-13 May 2012.

If you know of any #pawties or events that you’d like included in an upcoming #Pawties and Events article, please try to give two weeks notice and email me, mattiedog AT anipaltimes DOT com, or @MattieDog on Twitter. Include the name and date of the #pawty, and any invitation and/or blog links. Until next week, #pawty on anipals!

The Anipal Times does not endorse or support any particular #Pawty and Events fundraising endeavor and donations should be made at the donor’s discretion. Anipals should research fundraising prior to making a contribution/donation in order to make an informed decision.

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Tillman Skates 24 April 2012 at 2:47 am

Thanks so much for the great wrap up of “Who Let The Dogs Out” !! You anipals have been the greatest, promoting and supporting us and the shows and events and we really do appreciate it. And it was pretty awesome having Da Shibbering Cheetos come play during our last two viewing pawties. They had me shakin my tail feather!

If yer goin to BLOGPAWS – Me and Norman the Scooter Dog will be opening the event on Thursday night on June 21st in Salt Lake City!! WooT!! Come and hang with us! Git yer pic in front of the bus! BOL!

Come see me at Bark in the Park next Saturday at Dodgers Stadium!

For more info and future events…
Keep up with my blog http://www.tillmanskates.com
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/tillmanskates
and my new one http://pinterest.com/tillmanskates

Luv you guys!!

Tillman Skates 24 April 2012 at 2:54 am

Oops! Make that Bark in the Park at Dodger Stadium on Saturday May 26!! Tweet Up!! BOL!


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