BlogPaws “Nose-To-Nose” Pet Blogging Awards

by Cokie the Cat on 28 April 2012

in the Social Media section of The Anipal Times

BlogPaws, the social media conference for pet brands and bloggers (and anipal tweet-up extravaganza), will be literally rolling out the red carpet this June in Salt Lake City, Utah (home of our Editor-in-Chief, @BrutustheDane) for the 1st annual BlogPaws “Nose-To-Nose” Pet Blogging & Social Media Awards!

The Nose-To-Nose Awards are not a popularity contest. Nominations are being accepted now through 6 May 2012. You can nominate as many blogs as you like for any of 12 specific categories — you can even nominate yourself! Blogs only need to be nominated once to be considered by a panel of  judges on the basis of their expertise, creativity and performance. Nominees don’t have to ask all their friends to vote for them like they do in a lot of other online competitions.

You don’t even have to have a traditional blog. Creative Facebook and Twitter “micro-bloggers” are included, with categories for Facebook and Twitter page design. I bet next year there’ll be a Pinterest award, too, and whatever other new social media sensations come along between now and then! (*Note to Social Media Gods: Please phase out one kind of social media platform before introducing three more. I only have nine lives…)

BlogPaws will announce the finalists on 15 May 2012, and the winners in a fancy-schmancy ceremony on the last night of the conference on Saturday evening, 23 June 2012. You don’t have to be present to win (but it sure would be more fun if you were), and check this out: The Nose-T0-Nose Awards will be live-streamed so everyone all over the world can watch it together (live!) for free! How cool is that? Very.

Nose-To-Nose Award Categories

  1. Best Blog Design: judged on overall design elements of the blog homepage/landing page.
  2. Best Blog Writing: judged on overall writing skill – is the message clear to the reader?
  3. Best Humor Blog: judged on overall sense of humor – does it make us laugh?
  4. Best Bark Blog: judged on the content as it applies to dogs and dog parents.
  5. Best Meow Blog: judged on the content as it applies to cats and cat parents.
  6. Best Wiggle Blog: judged on focus of blog toward non-traditional pets (i.e. ferrets, guinea pigs, chickens, etc).
  7. Best New Blog: less than one year old, with good content and engagement.
  8. Best Cause Blog: judged on message, purpose and results as demonstrated on the blog.
  9. Best Video on a Blog: judged independently (one video per blog); is it well done, focused, creative and purposeful?
  10. Best Photo on a Blog: judged independently (one photo per blog); is it well done, focused, creative and purposeful?
  11. Best Facebook Design: judged on overall design of Facebook header and use of special Facebook page features.
  12. Best Twitter Design: judged on overall design elements for Twitter profile background.

Submit Your Nominations

Go to the website to submit your nominations for the blogs you think qualify in the categories above. While you’re there, if you haven’t been there before, look around. It’s a great online community for pet bloggers and pet-related businesses. There are tons of anipals there, lots of help for the technically challenged, and even tips for the pros. They have a cool Wordless Wednesday blog hop every… well, Wednesday, and the BlogPaws conference! Hope to see you there!

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