#Pawties and Events 27 March 2012

by MattieDog on 27 March 2012

in the Social Events section of The Anipal Times

#Pawties and Events are where anipals and humans get together for a Twitterin’ good time. In their tweets they use an introductory hashtag (#) so everyone who wants to join in the fun can easily find them by searching Twitter for #(fill in the blank) pawty or #(event name). #Pawties and Events is where you will find out about the #Pawties taking place on Twitter and where I will point you to the official The Anipal Times #Pawty & Events Calendar. Remember to check out the calendar so that you can find the dates and times to mix and mingle with anipals. Now, let’s read about some of the #pawties and events that happened by the deadline for this article (oh, and if you don’t know how to #pawty, don’t worry I got you covered—just read this).

#SciFiPawty Every anipal, or space-alien anipal joined @BorisKitty on 24 March 2012, as he hosted his third annual spectacular #SciFiPawty—and Boris held nothing back, making sure that this year’s #SciFiPawty was the biggest and best(est)!  All the anipals came out and donned some excellent outfits (see some the most amazing #SciFiPawty outfits here) and generally had a great time frolicking about the Twitter-verse at this out-of-the-world #pawty designed to bring joy to all and help raise awareness and funds for One By One Cat Rescue. Everyone who came out enjoyed some luscious libations and great tasty treats whipped up by @Flicka47—and shook their fuzzy (or feathery, or scaley, or well, whatever-have-you) derrieres to some rocking tunes played by some great DJs and the first Twitter-based band, Da Shibbering Cheetos (@ShibberingC). Watching the #pawty was a hoot—I sat back and took in the scene and saw anipals dressed up as Green Lantern, C3P0, tribbles, robots, monsters and flying super heros, just to name a few!


#SciFiPawty was a super fun time, and all the fun included more than the  eating, drinking and dancing, @BorisKitty had some great prizes lined up too. Anipals took their chance at answering various quizzes and playing for some really great prizes—I was trying to find the dog slobber sanitizer.  #Pawty goers enjoyed themselves immensely and generally just had a ball helping @BorisKitty to give this year’s #SciFiPawty charity One by One Cat Rescue, Inc., Pennsylvania, USA, big shout outs. At the time of this article being written, there was over $1,300 that was generously donated to One by One Cat Rescue, Inc., through #SciFiPawty—if you weren’t able to attend the #pawty, don’t fret, you can still donate to this great organization by clicking here. “Once again we are trying to halp out all da kitties over at One by One Cat Rescue and show everyone over der how much dey iz appreciated,” said @BorisKitty. “Dey iz a small, no-kill shelter but dey sure doz do a lot for kitties in ma area. Iffen u would like to see sum of dem sweet kitties check out ma photo album from when Human2 did go up and drop of toys and treats for dem.” I talked with a lot of anipals, and they all wanted to send their thanks to thank @BorisKitty for putting together such a pawesome and fun #pawty—so, a big “thank you, Boris!”

Coming #Pawties and Events Remember to see the #Pawty and Events calendar to get more info on some other wonderful events. Get ready for #PetChat, #KeepFits, #NipClub, #CookinWifRabbits and #Purrs4Peace, held on the first Sunday of every month by coordinator @ConfuciusCat and weekly by other anipals (e.g. @ChloeToby) who #Purrs4Peace. Tune in to these entertaining and highly informative weekly shows where you can say “Hi!” to old friends and hopefully make new friends, too.


#TillmanTV Saturday mornings. Did you know that you can #pawty live with a television star? Well you can! Every Saturday 6-11AM Pacific Daylight Time, USA, until 21 April 2012, you can join host @TillmanSkates for his weekly Twitter #TillmanTV #pawty where he leads anipals through viewing his @AnimalPlanet’s Who Let the Dogs Out television show.  Make sure you follow @TillmanSkates and join this weekly #pawty to follow his antics as he searches for a new animal to join his talented team of animals (some skateboard, others bounce on pogo sticks, and all of them have a great time). RSVP for this coming week’s #TillmanTV here, you could win some cool prizes—and make sure you give @TillmanSkates a shout out!



#ChristiePawty 7-8 April 2012. Celebrate with hosts @OllyTed, @MarshallSheldon and @SpencerTeddy at their “who done it” fun Agatha Christie-themed #pawty. #ChristiePawty promises to be a spectacular time—with a clever mystery to solve that unfolds over the weekend where contestants can win prizes for correct answers, best costumes and role playing. Also, great keepsake prizes will go to the winners of the Poirot and Miss Marple quiz. So, make sure you rest up and be ready to #pawty at #ChristiePawty. Please RSVP here—questions, contact one of the #pawty hosts.


#NipClub Engagement Celebration 7 April 2012. @KingTuttiFruiti, @TheNascarKitty and the entire group of #NipClub anipals are getting ready to host an engagement #pawty. The lucky couple? Well, haven’t you heard—it’s @JackChiDoggy and the lovely @MillyMopMoo who will be celebrating at their special engagement pawty #NipClub event. All of the details are still being worked out—but heads up, go get your smexy on and be ready to #pawty! RSVP here.

If you know of any #pawties or events that you’d like included in an upcoming #Pawties and Events article, please try to give two weeks notice and email me, mattiedog AT anipaltimes DOT com, or @MattieDog on Twitter. Include the name and date of the #pawty, and any invitation and/or blog links. Until next week, #pawty on anipals!

The Anipal Times does not endorse or support any particular #Pawty and Events fundraising endeavor and donations should be made at the donor’s discretion. Anipals should research fundraising prior to making a contribution/donation in order to make an informed decision.


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WallasEKatt 27 March 2012 at 1:12 am

G’day Mattie!
We’re havin another Downunder tour & pawty on 5/6 April.
Hopefully u’ll get the info from KingTutti real soon.
Cheers pal,

MattieDog 27 March 2012 at 7:59 am

Got it – fank U!

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