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by MattieDog on 23 February 2012

in the Arts and Entertainment section of The Anipal Times


Hey anipals, join me as I visit my friend Tillman (on Twitter @TillmanSkates), and we talk about his new show, Who Let the Dogs Out! Recently, I found myself lazing about in my doggy bed, when, *ring ring* my iBone started to ring, and on the other end was @TillmanSkates. Tillman, better known to everyone as the most talented skateboarding dog in the world, told me about a new opportunity he had–he was going to star in his own @AnimalPlanet television show called Who Let the Dogs Out! Well—what could I do, I ask you? I hopped in my cool car and took off to California, USA to visit my pal @TillmanSkates, and to find out how things happen on a real live television show.

I met @TillmanSkates on a bright sunny day on Ventura Boulevard, where, after barking our hellos we lathered down in doggy friendly SPF 30 and settled in on some nice lounge chairs to tan our cheeks (face that is!). “Hey Matt, Did you know bulldogs don’t get mats? BOL! We are champion shedders though!” joked Tillman. Did I mention that I love Tillman? He’s funny and casual and has a great, happy outlook on life—I’m sure that his great personality is what the studio suits saw in him, I mean other than his rocking skills. As we settle in to some chillaxing, and take turns sipping out of a water bowl, I thank @TillmanSkates for meeting me to talk about his new show—and then dive right in, asking how he got to be such a big star.

The Beginning

Tillman & Ron

“Well, I met Ron (Davis) six years ago, he was instantly my best bro. I also became best friends with his Rottweiler, Stoli. I was named after Pat Tillman, the NFL star who became a great U.S. Army Ranger,” said Tillman. “See,” he continued, “Ron and Stoli were skateboarders and I loved the boards, but couldn’t seem to get the hang of how to ride them. The shiny wheels were so cool—I just had to chew on them. The board tasted good, too!”  But, after a while and some patience and training from Ron, Tillman got the hang of things. “By the time I was nine months old, I was skateboarding! It was so awesome, dude!”  Thus the beginnings of the world’s most famous skateboarding bulldog. “Ron surfs too,” added @TillmanSkates. “One day he tossed this board into the water and I chased it and jumped on it t00—who knew I could skimboard? I was at the beach every week, making a spectacle of myself. I’m an adrenaline junkie and just go nuts for anything with a board! All I wanna do is skate, or surf or snowboard—BOL!”

Wow, imagine all the babes you could get with those talents! As we rolled over to tan our backsides @TillmanSkates said, like he was reading my mind, “Yep, I love attention—especially from the pretty girls. I love girls. Girl dogs, girl humans even girl cats. Especially human girls with long fingernails that are really good at scratching my ears and my, um, butt. Just sayin’, I’ll never pass up a butt scratch or belly rub!” Did you hear that, ladies? If you find yourself lucky enough to meet @TillmanSkates, give him a good old scratcheroo and you’ll have a pal forever. “Well Mattie,” said Tillman, “somehow along the way we were ‘spotted’ by some Hollywood types and it’s been a roller coaster ride ever since. I was on a TV show called The Greatest American Dog (which was a total trip), an iPhone commercial and a bunch of news shows and stuff—but the coolest thing has been having my own Rose Parade float four years in a row!”


Rose Bowl Float

@TillmanSkate’s sponsor for the Rose Parade, Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods, made the gorgeous flower floats to skateboard, snowboard, skimboard and surf on while Tillman had fun waving to his fans during the parade. “Yup, they smell fantastic,” said Tillman, “Me and my friends just have to remember not to pee on them. That’s totally frowned upon.” Well, you can’t blame Mr. Patten for that now, can you—you can’t just wizzle on a Rose Bowl float! It’s good that @TillmanSkates restrains himself a tad as he is the spokesdog for @NaturalBalance, and in that role makes numerous appearances at special events all over the USA in his ultra-cool rock star bus.

Actually, @TillmanSkate’s relationship with @NaturalBalance is how the whole @AnimalPlanet Who Let the Dogs Out! show came about. “I was hanging out at Dick Van Patten’s house with him and his family, playing tennis. Mr. Van Patten was impressed with my mad tennis skills and said I should have my own TV show. Ron got into a great conversation about the things I can do, when Dick asked if there were other dogs who could do what I can do. Ron said he’d never met a dog exactly like me, but we could try to find one—Mr. Van Patten thought that was a great idea for a TV show, and that we should go out on the road in search of the most talented dog in America. That’s how it started!”

Who Let the Dogs Out is visiting various @Petco locations, as an open casting call, around the USA in order to find one special, talented critter—it could be you, and if so, you could join @TillmanSkates and his crew of happy animals! Do you want a chance to join @Tillman and his pals—well, then e-mail your videos to k9casting AT gmail DOT com, or send your video to Who Let the Dogs Out!, c/o Hollywood Production Center, 1149 N. Gower St. Suite 281, Los Angeles, CA 90038. Don’t forget to include your name, address and telephone number—you have to tell Tillman how to get a hold of you in case you blow his socks off. Who Let the Dogs Out! is on @AnimalPlanet on Saturday’s 7AM Pacific, 10AM Eastern and 11AM Mountain time, USA.

Philanthropic Pooch

Tuesday Blog Hop

@TillmanSkates is a pawesome buddy, not only is he a television star and a talented dog—he loves paying it forward. “I have so many things going on right now. A really important part of how I spend my time though, is by helping animals in need. That’s something I really love about Natural Balance Pet Foods. Aside from getting all the free food and snacks I want, animal charities are a big part of who we are.” Tillman went on to add, “I help out with fundraising for non-profit guide dog schools across the country, help encourage adoptions and support for shelters, and I try as much as possible to help deliver food to shelter pets. I was especially proud of the fundraising campaign I helped host online with @Petco and Natural Balance.  Our The Twelve Days of Tillman program helped raise a lot of money for shelter pets just by people ‘liking’ the Natural Balance Facebook page.”

You can join @TillmanSkates and make a difference in an animal’s life. “We have a thing going on right now too, for Who Let The Dogs Out!” said Tillman. “@NaturalBalance is donating a meal to a homeless pet at a shelter or rescue for every new ‘Like’ I get on Facebook—and there are coupons there and all sorts of fun stuff. I also have a blog hop on my website every Tuesday through the ten weeks of the show (18 February – 21 April) where a random blogger is chosen every week to get 30 lbs of Natural Balance pet food, a case of Tillman’s Treats—and the best part is that they get to choose a no-kill shelter or rescue to receive a donation of 1000 pounds of Natural Balance pet food!”

Watch and Win


Make sure you check out Who Let the Dogs Out! in order to get in on other giveaways too. @TillmanSkates has made things fun—watch the show and you can win stuff. Every week after watching the show, just go to the Who Let the Dogs Out! sweepstakes page and answer a show trivia question. Correct answers enter you to win a random drawing for a weekly prize package, and you are entered in the grand prize drawing. You could win free food, free Tillman Treats—and at the end of the ten week series, a grand prize winner will win one lucky a trip for two to Hollywood, CA, USA to meet @TillmanSkates. I’m making sure to watch Who Let the Dogs Out! every week so I can see Tillman in action, enter the giveaways and get a chance to come back to CA to hang out with one of the coolest dogs on the planet—and you should too!

As we get up to meet Ron back at the house for some dinner, I ask Tillman if there is anything else he’d like his readers to know about him. “I love The Petco Foundation because they help thousands of animal non-profits and rescues nationwide. Um, I weigh about 60 pounds. I love apples. I eat @NaturalBalance. I like to sleep—oh, and run on the beach and skateboard as much as pawssible. I follow Ron virtually everywhere, cuz I love him a lot. I like listening to the Beach Boys music, and love to watch TV with Rose, my bulldog sister. Wally, the little bulldog dude, is crazy for Harley Davidson’s so we watch shows with motorcycles, and we love watching sports channels with bouncing balls, and surfing. Ron’s son, my human brother, Reef, is the coolest dude in the universe and my hero! And, um, well, I don’t really have a girlfriend—but, I have my eye on a few super cute dogs at work—a Rottweiler named Zoe and a cutie mutt named Thumbelina. BOL! They both work at Natural Balance with their moms!”

Remember to contact me, @MattieDog, with your ideas for The Anipal Times articles! You can email me at: mattiedog AT anipaltimes DOT com or tweet me at: @MattieDog on Twitter.

Contact Tillman on Twitter at @TillmanSkates, check out his new Who Let the Dogs Out! television show here; and find Tillman on YouTube here, or check out this link to see more with Tillman and @NaturalBalance.


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Rick Rockhill 23 February 2012 at 9:55 am

Great article on Tillman! He is one ool dawg, for sure. His TV show Who Let the Dogs Out on Animal Planet s awesome, cant’t wait til Saturday morning to see another episode..

MattieDog 23 February 2012 at 9:59 pm

Fanks Rick – Tillman is fabulous! It was fun hangin wif him and learnin more about him and Who Let the Dogs Out!

TillmanSkates 24 February 2012 at 3:42 am

Thanks for the great article Matt!! That’s rad! I just have one minor correction… Wally doesn’t live with me – he lives this his mom, Lexie. Sully lives with me and Rose and Ron, and he’s the one who goes nuts for the Harleys! I was probably slobberin a little too much when we were talkin and it sounded like Wally instead of Sully. (Tell Sully that anyway, OK!) (Not that there’s anything wrong with Wally!)
Oh, sheesh…

Anyway, thanks! And everybody watch me on “Who Let The Dogs Out” on Saturday mornings on Animal Planet!! Woof!!!


MattieDog 24 February 2012 at 7:32 am

Well, I wasn’t gonna mention da dwoolin! But fanks for lettin our readers know bout UR family and who U lib wif! By da way is Rose single? :)

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