‘My Cat From Hell’ Season Two Starts This Saturday

by Ryker_Tyker on 4 January 2012

in the Television section of The Anipal Times

Why should you care whether or not a show on Animal Planet gets renewed for another season? If that show is one that promotes animal welfare and delivers more than simple entertainment, that’s why.

In this case, it does. And thankfully, Animal Planet has renewed it for another season. And that season begins this Saturday, 7 January 2012.

My Cat From Hell host Jackson Galaxy

My Cat From Hell is hosted by Jackson Galaxy — a man whose self-proclaimed mission is “to keep cats from being euthanized, out of shelters and off the streets for reasons that are entirely preventable.”

Ten years ago, Jackson went into private practice in Boulder, Colorado, co-founding Little Big Cat, Inc., a company that focused on the “whole” cat — not just its physical health, but the connection that exists between physical and behavioral feline health. Over the years he has helped more than a thousand cats overcome behavioral issues, both in private homes and in rescue situations.

In 2011 he partnered with Animal Planet to create the show My Cat From Hell. Each episode showcases a situation where the cat-human connection is in need of serious repair if the cat is to remain as a pet. In many instances, the owner is desperate, at wits end and ready to give up on their feline companion if a solution isn’t found. Jackson steps in, working with both cat and owner to help resolve the issues (thus saving kitty from being handed over to a shelter or worse).

And given the fact that over 70% of all cats that find themselves in shelters are euthanized annually, this has the potential to save many a kitty life.

Each episode is fascinating and educational, and allows the viewer an opportunity to learn more about the human-feline bond.

Now that’s a TV show that, as a community, we can really get our paws around! Please join us in supporting this great TV content. My Cat From Hell Season 2 — with six all-new one hour episodes — begins this Saturday night at 8 PM (ET/PT).

We’ll be watching, will you?

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Layla Morgan Wilde ( Cat Wisdom101) 4 January 2012 at 2:25 pm

We can’t wait! Jackson and I filmed a segment at my house for The Daily Show. We’re both cat behaviorists with very different styles and thrilled his show will pave the way for more feline awareness while making it cool to be a cat guy.

Lisa (@Ryker_Tyker) 4 January 2012 at 3:22 pm

Layla, we agree! Thanks so much for stopping by and posting!
Ryker’z Boyz ‘n’ Allie

Dianda 5 January 2012 at 11:28 am

I really like him and his show! Sadly it takes a while before the new season will be on tv here in Holland. So I won’t be able to see it. :(

bobbie 5 January 2012 at 5:00 pm

I also LOVE this show! It’s fantastic! I’m thrilled to see it’s coming back for another season! Thank you Jackson and Animal Planet!

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