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by Henry on 1 December 2011

in the Dear Henry section of The Anipal Times

@henryandfriendsSo here is what I duz want to know. WHY after I has fot long and hard about where I want to leave my chewy, duz Mom come behind me and moof it to a difrent spot?!? It duz take a long time to fink of where I want it to be. It is unfair!! Fanks, Henry.

from @Frankietheig

deer franky

i noes yoo dus be kros bowt this an i undastand ow yoo feel bowt it. arfta al … ow is yoo spozd to find yor chew agane if it dusnt be ware yoo did leev it.

chews dus be verry importunt an sumtimes it dusnt be possibl to finnish it al at wunss or yoo mite fink it wud be nise to sayv it for layta. so wot dus yoo do nekt?

hyd it of corss … ware … in yor bed or praps eevun in yor moms bed. unda th sowfa or unda cooshun on sowfa. on th flor in th middl ware yoo can keep eys on it. ther dus indeed be lots to fink bowt beefor yoo dus mayk up yor mynd.

it dusnt be fare for yor mom to moov it i noes but i arsk yoo to fink for a minnit bowt it from er poynt of vew. i spekt er dusnt want to find yor chew sumware  er dusnt be egspektin it to be cos it wud serpryz er an mite mayk er jump. or it mite be that it wud mayk sumfing abit derty or stikky.

yoo dint say ware er did moov it to so i am finkin that yoo did find it agane. i fink it wud be bestist if in fewcha yoo dus eet it al then yoo dusnt av to wurry bowt hydin it.

strokes … strokes … strokes …


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Tweet_Mouse 1 December 2011 at 4:26 am

Fink ow ard it is fer mowse chewz ! They is so tinee that they be eazly lost and oomuns sweep dem up all de tyme! Fink yorself lucky dat you av a gud chans ov seein an findin em .

Yors in frendship

Tweet xx

tweetypie 1 December 2011 at 4:18 pm

good idea henry I think thats wat ill do next time wif mine chewy :) )

Frankie 3 December 2011 at 8:43 am

Fank you, Henry. Dat duz make sense for me to eat da chewy before Mom can moof it. My prollem is dat I is pretty small and da chewies can be too big for me to eat in just one sittin’. Praps I should find a way to tell Mom I duz need smaller chewies dat I can finish quickly. Fanks for da advice! I duz luff to read your column!!!

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