#Pawties and Events for 1 November 2011

by MattieDog on 1 November 2011

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#Pawties and Events are where anipals and humans get together for a Twitterin’ good time. In their tweets they use an introductory hashtag (#) so everyone who wants to join in the fun can easily find them by searching Twitter for #(fill in the blank) pawty or #(event name). #Pawties and Events is where you will find out about the #Pawties taking place on Twitter and where I point you to the official The Anipal Times #Pawty & Events Calendar. Remember to check out the calendar so that you can find the dates and times to mix and mingle with anipals. Now let’s read about some of the #pawties and events that happened by the deadline for this article (oh, and if you don’t know how to #pawty, don’t worry I got you covered just read this):

#HHF Pawty

#HHF Pawty Anipals gathered to join #HHFPawty host @FreshOtis, and his friends, on Wednesday 26 October 2011, where they held a Halloween Hayride Fair (#HHF) pawty get together. “Halloween will be here before yoo knows it. We wanted to has a big Halloween Pawty fur all anipals and dey all came! We celebrated wif a big Halloween Hayride Fair and der was lots of things to do, includin hayrides, bobbin fur apples, rides, paintin pumpkins, moosic and noms,” said @FreshOtis. “Anipals came in der Halloween costume, some came in der own fur!”  #HHF was a good time for all and helped raise funds for @HemmingwaysCat, who, according to @FreshOtis, has fallen on some ruff times.

“As you all do know @Hemmingwayscat Angel has been on twitter for a furry long time and she is always one to help those in need.  This time she needed help for her and her fambly. They are currently livings in a homeless shelter til they try to get some lower cost housings. The older childrens the shelter will not take so they had to find alternate place for them to stay. Is only the little wee ones that were allowed to remain with her.” @FreshOtis and friends gathered at #HHF, dressed in their spookiest of outfits and helped out, raising over $1K to lend a hand. Great news for @Hemmingwayscat and family–if you’d like more information about #HHF Pawty please contact @FreshOtis.

Upcoming #Pawties and Events Remember to see the #Pawty and Events calendar to get more info on some other wonderful events. Get ready for #DogTalk, #PetChat, #KeepFits, #NipClub, #CookinWifRabbits; and #Purrs4Peace, held on the first Sunday of every month by coordinator @ConfuciusCat and weekly by other anipals (e.g. @ChloeToby) who #Purrs4Peace. Tune in to these entertaining and highly informative weekly shows where you can say “Hi” to old friends and hopefully make new friends, too.

Pandafur's #AZPawty

#AZPawty On Saturday 5 November 2011 from 4-7PM Eastern USA time @Pandafur is inviting all anipals to, “come visit Tooson, Arizowna fur fun, food & furrends! Pandy’s catio!” @Pandafur says that #AZPawty will be held at her new house and have Arizona, USA specific prizes! Attendees will enjoy some lively DJ music, eat and drink some great noms served up by fun and frisky barktenders and take tours of Sabino Canyon, AZ. So please make sure to wear shoes if you have tender paws and a hat for the big and always present AZ sun. If you have any questions make sure you ask @Pandafur!

#AAC Join all the fun folks of the Anipal Academy Awards 11-13 November 2011 for the official winners announcements, pawty festivities and some great dancing and general whooping it up, with #NipClub (@Nipclub) and Blog Paws (@BlogPaws) happy to sponsor all of the #AAC frivolities. There are a number of awards to be handled out over the #AAC weekend–general, photos and videos, and even some fun and unique awards!  So make sure you attend and RSVP here, and if you have any questions about #AAC please contact @AnipalAwards.

If you know of any #pawties or events that you’d like included in an upcoming #Pawties and Events article, please try to give two weeks notice and email me, mattiedog AT anipaltimes DOT com, or @MattieDog on Twitter, include the name and date of the #pawty, and any invite and/or blog links. Until next week, #pawty on anipals!

The Anipal Times does not endorse or support any particular #Pawty and Events fundraising endeavor and donations should be made at the donee’s discretion. Anipals should research fundraising prior to making a contribution/donation in order to make an informed decision.

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