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by MattieDog on 6 June 2010

in the Social Events section of The Anipal Times

You know about #PawPawty from my #Pawty Behind the Scenes, FrugalDougal article, now read all about the great individuals that helps to bring #PawPawty to your (virtual) front door.  The #PawPawty team, guided by @FrugalDougal, includes @JavatheCat, @GeorgetheDuck, @FergustheDog and @Snick_the_Dog, and they help with menu preparation, barktending, DJ and sekurity assignments, respectively.  This team of  happy-go-lucky #pawty planners put their hearts and souls in to each and every #PawPawty, helping to make them special so we can have a Twitterin’ great time.  Lets find out “how dey do dat?



Java explained that the creation of the Jaba Jazz Bar & eCafe´was the combined master minds of @MizzBassie, @Jazzydacat and herself.  “We are the Ja (Java) Ba (Bassie) Jazz (Jazzy) Bar & eCafe´!” “Our first menu was for a special event, June 2009. #Chickfest was an event that MizzB planned, I assisted her by doing a menu site and included products to be sold on Zazzle for charity,” said Java. The first main #PawPawty Java worked on was Woodstock, August 2009. “At first the menus were just a guideline for the barktenders to use to tweet from. As time went on we added more art to them and finally pictures of the food being offered…and because pals were spending more time looking at the menus we had the donate widget at the top of each page, it has become a tool to tweet about!”



George got involved with scheduling the barktenders for #PawPawty by volunteering. “I was talking with Java to learn about the history of barktending at #PawPawty and how much it helps.  At the first #PawPawties there were no barktenders, later they decided to include them and have a donation link on the menu, with the barktenders directing anipals to the menu and planting the donation seed.”  Having the barktenders work in this manner keeps the donation link in front of anipals at the #pawpawty and donations came in quicker.  Barktenders create excitement about the menu items, encouraging all of the #pawty goers to partake in the scrumptious goodies that Java so lovingly creates.  Clearly, menu planning and barktending are pretty important jobs.  I have personally tried nearly every #PawPawty menu item, so I can say, “Yummy!”



Fergus has been involved in #PawPawty right from the beginning. For the first #PawPawty, Fergus and @CosmoHavanese helped Frugal Dougal select music. “We were learning how to use Blip together. It was nowhere near as organized as we are now!  For the next #PawPawty Dougal asked if I could line up DJs, and Cosmo helped put together a Blip DJ guide. At the beginning it was dangerous for anipals to Blip a song because they’d get a message from me asking if they’d be interested in helping!”  said Fergus. Fergus now keeps a DJ Master List with potential DJ names on it. Over the last year, they’ve had 45 anipals help with DJing. “I love helping out with #PawPawty and the anipal charities. The DJs are important to #PawPawty,” said Fergus, “because we set the party spirit. What kind of party would it be without music?”  DJing is a great way for anipals to contribute towards #PawPawty, Fergus said, “By giving up some time to play some great tunes, you can help our charities by making #PawPawty a fun place to be, which brings in more anipals and helps us raise more money.”  Fergus is very proud of all of the DJs and glad to be a part of such a wonderful team.



Snickers volunteered to start the official #PawPawty sekurity team in June 2009, and throughout the summer of that year helped create a fully functioning sekurity team.  “Bail” (also known as #PawPawty donations to the monthly charity) was instituted in October 2009, and “it hasn’t been the same since!”  Some anipals come to #PawPawty with the intention of getting “arrested” and placed in “jail” so that tweets go out asking for “bail” to be made, directing anipals to the #PawPawaty donation site.  Once the “bail” is made the “jailed” anipal then returns to #PawPawty and continues to #pawty up a storm!  The sekurity team is very important. “They greet new #pawty goers, encouraging the optional “cover charge” donation.  They make sure no one puts the ‘bitey’ on anyone else, keep #pawty from getting so rowdy that the neighbors complain, and put the snarly face on to chase off spammers, oh, and haz a good time!” said Snickers.  Sekurity officers are very friendly and if you are new to a #pawpawty they will answer your questions and help you mix and mingle with #pawty anipals, ensuring you have a great time.

There’s something for everyone at #PawPawty, so if you are interested in getting involved please contact one of these great #PawPawty team members!

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Sanjee the Cat 7 June 2010 at 12:57 pm

It fun to learn bout alla tha #pawpawty team n how they got started.

Kurt Schmitt 7 June 2010 at 1:46 pm

#Pawpawty is cool! Three meows for the #pawpawty team! And don’t forget my favorite DJ, @TheNascarKitty who is a rockin’ cat!

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