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The Sunday Comics in The Anipal Times features original comics by Midge the Mutt @Midgethemutt and Puppy Jones @PuppyJones.

On parade: @Bea_Bells rides the #NC24H float at Mardi Gras

Pawties and Events, 9 February 2016

It’s time to kick up your heels for Mardi Gras at this month’s NipClub Monthly pawty in New Orleans!

Breezing through the snowdrifts: @kittehboi clears a path to #NipClub

Pawties and Events, 2 February 2016

Snow was most certainly on the minds of many anipals both last week and this coming week as snow storms continue to make daily doings difficult. Thanks to the pals of NipClub for digging out. We can only hope you’re having as much luck at home.

Say cheese: @CinniMini2 brings pals at #NipClub a delicious Cheese Steak supper

Pawties and Events, 26 January 2016

A potluck NipClub ushered in a new measurement unit in the form of a george (celebrating our illustrious publisher) and pals sent wishes of concern for those in the path of the epic snowstorm in the Eastern United States.

Where efurrybody knows her name: @TinyPearlCat barktends at #NipClub

Pawties and Events, 19 January 2016

NipClub saw tributes to those now gone and welcomed back old friends this week at the friendliest place on Twitter.

Geronimo!: @OllyTed hurtles down the slopes at #NC24H

Pawties and Events, 12 January 2016

A glorious time was had by all at the annual NipClub Monthly Anipal Winter Games this weekend!

Big air: @lucky_GSD demonstrates snow-boarding ahead of #NC24H

Pawties and Events, 5 January 2016

2016 is off to an exciting start and this weekend NipClub Monthly puts on the Anipal Winter Games for your enjoyment.

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