Virtual Convention: @BorisKitty hosts 6th #SCIFIpawty

Pawties and Events, 31 March 2015

Pawties were out of this galaxy last weekend with two spaced-out events on Saturday!

Puppy Jones

The Anipal Times Sunday Comics

The Sunday Comics in The Anipal Times features original comics by Puppy Jones @PuppyJones and Midge the Mutt @midgethemutt.

Live long and pawsper: @BorisKitty hosts his annual #SciFiPawty

Pawties and Events, 24 March 2015

So many fun adventures including The Aviators escort of The Troublemakers and a NipClub St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Boris’ SciFiPawty is up next this weekend.

Suspect: @TinyPearlCat is interviewed by detectives at #NCMM

Pawties and Events, 17 March 2015

Mystery and murder were in the air this weekend with the monthly NipClub pawty. Read all about it here.

On the case: Detective @TweetingTruman investigates a murder at #NCMM

Pawties and Events, 10 March 2015

This weekend is set to be a mysterious, high-flying adventure with both NipClub Monthly hosting a murder mystery and The Aviators touring Australia. Keep your furs on everybody.

One Step Ahead Of The Law: Sweet Moo and the Troublemakers will play #NipClub

Pawties and Events, 3 March 2015

It was a hot tub pawty at NipClub last week while The Aviators plan another adventure over the coming weekend.


Russell Madness Movie Sure To Be a Hit

RUSSELL MADNESS tells the story of a little Jack Russell Terrier with a dream of having a family of his own. Read along and meet Russell, members of his family and learn how he becomes the hero of this great little movie that will warm your heart!

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