Fore!: #NCAGC starts on Saturday

Pawties and Events, 4 August 2015

Tee up for NipClub Monthly this weekend where everyone can get in on the action.

Puppy Jones

The Anipal Times Sunday Comics

The Sunday Comics in The Anipal Times features original comics by Puppy Jones @PuppyJones and Midge the Mutt @midgethemutt.

Cats like boxes because it makes them feel safe.

11 Tips For A Happy Cat

Check out our 11 tips for a healthy and happy cat!


Anipal Shops

Welcome to The Anipal Shops! Many of our anipals are talented artists, craftsmen, writers and designers who have online shops to sell their wares. We have complied the list below to help shoppers find these unique items. Please feel free to browse […]

You're invited: @WellyTopping and Obe @ajstenaka are holding #WellyObeWed on Saturday

Pawties and Events, 28 July 2015

A great beach pawty time was had by all at NipClub this week and now wedding bells are ringing soon.


The Secret Life of Pets Movie

Ever wonder what your fuzzy family member does when you leave for work or school? The movie, “The Secret Life of Pets” explains it all! Read MattieDog’s review of the movie and learn all about the characters and the mischief they get in to!

Much sought-after prize: @OllyTed models the #TeddyOlympics medal

Pawties and Events, 21 July 2015

NipClub celebrated Shark Week and the Teddy Olympics closed with no bangs but all medals. Read on to find out more.

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