Cool cat: @DylCat1 plays sax at #NipClub

Pawties and Events, 26 August 2014

NipClub was rocking and The Aviators will be flying. That’s the news fit to print in this week’s edition of Pawties & Events.

Midge The Mutt

The Anipal Times Sunday Comics

The Sunday Comics in The Anipal Times features original comics by Midge the Mutt @midgethemutt and Puppy Jones @PuppyJones.

Faster than a speeding bullet: @kconlon1 delivers a cocktail at #NipClub

Pawties and Events, 19 August 2014

Super powers of superheros were on display at last week’s NipClub Thursday. All anipals and their humans are invited to join each Thursday evening for fun and mischief.

Game, set and bear: @OllyTed heads for his seat at #NCTC

Pawties and Events, 12 August 2014

Such fun was had at NipClub weekly and monthly events this week–ending in the Tennis Championship over the weekend. We can all look forward to the next Aviators Basic Training mission this weekend.


The Human Walking Program

The Lost Dogs’ Home recently turned the tables on dog adoptions! The Human Walking Program rescues office workers with a creative dog-walking project.

Fishing camp HQ: #NipClub fishing lodge

Pawties and Events, 5 August 2014

It’s a very sporting week for anipals. Last week finished off with a fishing lodge NipClub adventure and moves to tennis championships this weekend for the NipClub Monthly pawty!

One shot for the lead: @rockstarwalrus holes a putt at #LwP

Pawties and Events, 29 July 2014

It was a week of opposites with NipClub celebrating Christmas in July while the wildly popular Lake with Petie summer adventures returned.

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